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Pão de Queijo Mineirinho com Carne Seca tipicamente nordestina

Mineirinho Cheese Roll With Typically Northeaster Jerked Meat

Do you want to give an extra touch to your coffee break? So try this amazing jerked meat filling we prepared for you. With few ingredients you can make your Mineirinho Cheese Roll even more delicious.



300g of cooked and shredded jerked meat

1 big onion in slices

250g of grated mozzarella

2 tomatoes chopped in little cubes

1 dash of olive oil

Original Mineirinho Cheese Rolls


Preparation Method:

On a pan, lay the onion and olive oil.

When the onion becomes translucent, add the jerked meat and the tomatoes and let it cook for some minutes.

With the fire already off, lay the grated mozzarella. It is importante that the meat is still hot so the cheese melts. You can use more or less cheese according to your liking.

Cut the Mineirinho cheese rolls in half and fill with the prepared jerked meat.

Now it`s a matter of serving and delighting in our recipe.

This recipe, alongside a warm cup of coffee, is certain success! For those who enjoy creamier fillings, adding some whipped cream before filling the cheese roll is a nice call.

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