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Pão de queijo com chocolate

Special Easter cheese roll with chocolate

For this Easter, how about boosting your cheese roll with an irresistible chocolate taste? An easy recipe, with simple ingredients, but that will give a special hint to your festivities.



1 can of condensed milk

6.7 fl oz of heavy cream

2.3 oz of powdered chocolate


Preparation Method:

Put all ingredients in a big pan and take it to the fire.

Continuously stir at low fire, until having the desired texture.

After approximately 25 minutes, remove and set aside.

On another container, cut the cheese roll in half and, after waiting for the cooling time, insert the filling and close them.

You can boost it even further, leaving the cheese roll open and placing some fruit on top, like cherries or bananas. To go with it, coffee or juice are very good. A different way to sweeten your Easter.

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