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For how long can I keep the cheese roll freezed?
It is recommended to respect the expiration date of each package. Pay attention to the dates not the let your product turn bad. After the expiration, disposal is recommended.

And after opening it? For how long should I keep it cooled?
You can store your cheese roll at XXX temperature until the expiration date in the package. After that date, disposal is recommended.

Do the Mineirinho products have gluten, lactose or other substances?
Our products do not have gluten, flavorings or dyes. The Mineirinho cheese roll does have lactose, because we use milk in its making. For further substances, check the ingredients information on the product label. In case of any doubts, get in touch.

Which products have milk or milk traits?
All the products from the Mineirinho brand have milk in its structure, for it is used in their manufacture process.

What is the difference between the cheese rolls from Mineirinho?
The Cocktail, Traditional and Super-Snack Mineirinho Cheese Rolls all share the same recipe and manufacturing process. The only difference between these products is the size of the cheese rolls and, therefore, their weight.


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