Make the best cheese rolls in your kitchen

We made the recipe, now you can bake for your family. Check some important tips so we can make together the best Cheese Rolls for you and you family.

  • Don’t bake Cheese Rolls in the microwave;
  • Don’t unfreeze your cheese rolls before baking;
  • Always preheat your oven before start baking your cheese rolls;
  • Leave some space between your cheese breads in the baking pan;
  • Don’t open your oven before they are ready to eat;
  • Don’t bake your cheese rolls with another products;
  • Golden brown cheese rolls mean ready and delicious cheese breads;
Modo de preparo Pão de queijo mineirinho


Instrução de preparo  - Pão de queijo mineirinho - 1 Pré-aqueça o forno a 180ºC por15 minutos.

Pre-heat yor oven in 180ºC (350º F) for 15 minutes

Instrução de preparao Pão de queijo mineirinho - 2 - Coloque os pães de queijocongelados em uma assadeira.Deixe 3cm entre eles.

In the baking pan, leave a space of 1 inch between your cheese breads

Instrução de preparo Pão de queijo mineirinho - 3- Leve-os ao forno a 180ºCpor aproximadamente30 minutos.

Bake then for approximately
30 minutes

Instrução de preparo Pão de queijo mineirinho - 4 - Retire-os do forno quando estiveremdourados.

Serve your cheese bread warm and golden brown

Nossos Produtos - Pão de queijo mineirinho


The Mineirinho´s cheese breads represent a special and unique flavor. Since the beginning our recipe have a lot more then fresh ingredients, our products are made with love and passion. We have looked closely for each detail that can provide a better experience for our customers. The recognition of Mineirinho Company was build in the last 20 years, day by day, and see our Cheese Breads in the daily routine of people all over the country is the best reward we can ever get.