Original Mineirinho Cheese Roll


The cheese roll is part of the Brazilian’s daily life. May it be at breakfast, a quick snack in the afternoon or during a family meeting, this delicious product is there making the day taste better.

Our founder, born in Minas Gerais, the birthplace of the Cheese Roll recipe in Brazil, was one of the most infatuated for this product so remarkable and beloved. On a trip to the South of the country, he met his wife, who learned and improved the recipe with her mother’s culinary tricks – the best confectionary chef in her town. From this moment on, that countryside recipe was turned into a singular, special and delicious product. In that moment was born the Original Mineirinho Cheese Roll.

Since that time, our traditional family recipe is winning, through the last 20 years of history, the palate and love of consumers all over the country.

Tradition and Care

Yes, we are in love with our cheese rolls. So much that we are devoted to a single recipe for 20 years. We take our commitment to our consumers and founder’s tradition very seriously, keeping our tradicional recipe untouched and keeping the essence of the artisan manufacturing. That way, we can assure you the texture and taste that you deserve and the delightful experience that only a family recipe can provide.




Tradition and Care

For the last 20 years we keep our unique and authentic recipe.


Enviromental responsability

To us, quality of life is also keeping nature healthy.


Cherishing the rural culture

Quality ingredients that increase the development of the countryside regions.


Health and well-being

For a healthy diet, free from dyes, preservatives and flavorings.

Brand Evolution

The beginning
Arrives to the bakeries the best cheese rolls of all! The recipe that had already enchant our family, will now start to enchant  others. It’s the beginning of a successful history.


Very Countryside
After attracting some loyal custumers, the Mineirinho updates its brand! Elements and colors were chosen in a special manner in order to remind everyone of the countryside culture where the recipie came from.

Overwhelming Taste
The new logo to endorse what everyone is saying: the taste of Mineirinho is unique!
The steam coming from the letter “o” is a detail that shall become an icon for the brand.

Long time has passed and many people already know and love the Mineirinho Cheese Roll! It’s time to update and celebrate the recognition of our customers.

Taste and Quality
The current logo of the Original Mineirinho Cheese Roll strengthens the quality seal of a brand with 20 years of history, associated with the unique taste of our traditional family recipe.


Seja um parceiro - Pão de queijo mineiriinho

The Mineirinho is a reference when your talking about cheese rolls, specially in the South and Southeast regions of Brazil. We have partners that follow us for 15 years, and through our products, developed their business and added value to the economy of their regions and their familys.

Pão de queijo mineirinho - os nosso produtos


There is a perfect Mineirinho Cheese Roll for each moment of the day. With carefully selected ingredients, our products are delicious. Come in and find out which Mineirinho Cheese Roll is perfect for you.